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MOH electronics

Product Demo: 128x32 OLED Display Module with Arduino Uno

What you need

What it does

During setup, the Arduino tells the display to display a logo and then some characters. After a programmable duration SLEEP_TIMEOUT (4s) , the Arduino goes to sleep. Sleep mode is a low power state, where the AVR328p can be configured to consume <100nA. The Arduino board by itself has supporting circuitry that will consume power, so it’s not easy to measure it on the Arduino board. Nevertheless Arduino is a good place to start and test out ideas. A pushbutton is connected to an interrupt that wakes the Arduino, which will then display “WOKE UP!” on the display, and then have it scroll across the display.


Display PCB showing characters during setup:

Display PCB scrolling ‘WOKE UP!’ after button press interrupt from sleep: